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Finest extracts. A tasty synergy from barley, fruits and algae.


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Enzymes = key to vitamins & minerals

HappyGreens´ enzymes unlock vitamins and minerals power. Being sad and sour was yesterday. Unleash your inner values . Feel fresh and resilient, and smell sweet like fruits.

For conscious noble nutrition

Flowing from the heart: chlorophyll supports heart function, inner cleansing and enhances serotonine; a purely natural formula, sugarfree and of gourmet taste.

Balanced, slim and beautiful

In contrast to carbohydrate foods, the unique protein patterns harmonize hormone-muscle-metabolism. Thus, growing up, being healthy and aging is really convenient.

Happy greetings to our first movers  at the recent HappyGreens party!  Taste and synergy are  [bio]available – but need translation.  Life is too short to be sad about cloudy translation. Let´s keep updated about each aspect of happy health on our Facebook fan page. Like us for rewards on our exclusive happy hour  fan page… until translation is refinened like our formula.

Life loves you, when you are stirred..

Life loves you: No matter how the previous day was - whether party or office. Allow yourself reclining with style. Think of the fine society enjoying noble cocoa. Stir the valuable powder into a cup, you will be delighted at how quickly everything will dissolve. The subtle aroma of juicy pear and fresh limon and a touch of mint suggest, that prevention can REALLY taste. HappyGreens is a unique food supplement in Europe that does not have to hide in any capsules. The innovative plant extract nourishs the organism with all essential enzymes to make vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants more bioavailable. HappyGreens restores the natural pH value and keeps it pure alcalic. This is the most important prerequisite for good health. With a balanced interaction of the most expensive ingredients HappyGreens helps to stay young longer and to get healthy with pleasure. A daily cup of HappyGreens provides the nutrients from five to six servings of fresh fruits and vegetables! HappyGreens prevents deficiencies from unhealthy eating habits and stressful life situations. HappyGreens is the first time-saving nutrient extract, whose synergy effects can be felt in the form of an elegant aroma, without any artificial substances, purely natural for big and small children a perfect interplay in hectic times.

Be surprised by this supplement!


A challenge in dietary supplementation is to take it daily. Most people break off after 3 months. Most supplements are also without any taste. Balance, bioavailability and effectiveness are proven by excellent taste.HappyGreens, on the other hand, proves balance, bioavailability and effectiveness by excellent taste.


HappyGreens surrounds the tongue with barley grass as a carrier base from organic cultivation. The dusty bitterness is again bathed by basic algae and phytoextracts to finally be crowned by a unique fruit note. Taste composers, (= french: Sommeliers) would have their true joy!

with pleasure

Take 2 teaspoons of HappyGreens in the morning and evening with 200 ml (about half a cup) of fruit juice or milk. Taking it on the tounge intensifies the health effect over the receptors. For an instant energy kick simply give a knife tip to the tip of the tongue and enjoy! HappyGreens is the easy-to-use alternative to smoothie.

 HappyGreens´ broad spectrum make the difference

Until now, most insider took powder hidden in capsules or drinking vials. But why, if everything really fits? Why "leverage" is not purely natural vegetable, directly sensory?

Fruits & Greens

Only HappyGreens contains the worldwide unique Fruits & Greens ™ formula. This highly concentrated extract is composed of over 27 different vegetable, fruit and cereal varieties and makes the formula truly "sexy". Fruits & Greens ™ contains as many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients as one gram of fresh fruits and vegetables per gram! It supports the alkalizing and restoring effect of barley grass and provides the body with extra nutrients from fruits and vegetables to compensate for deficiencies. Fruits & Greens ™ provides new energy and promotes a healthy immune system and good bowel function, as green and pure as Mother Nature wanted it to be.

power algae

HappyGreens is intelligently flooded by powerful marine algae such as spirulina and chlorella. These unicellular algae are a good supplier of chlorophyll (energy from sunlight) and supply many nutrients that are important to the body, including amino acids, vitamin B12 and organic iron. Chlorophyll is indispensable for the formation of red blood cells (hemoglobin). Chlorella also has a chelating (detoxifying) effect and helps the body to rid itself of accumulated waste, such as pesticides and heavy metals. These substances are responsible for an excessively high acidity in the body and the chronic health problems caused by this.


The enzyme complex contains natural enzymes from fermented rice amylase, lactase, protease, lipase and cellulase. These support the function of the digestive tract and help to split the food into separate active ingredients. Result: bioavailability in the bloodstream. Thus, proteins, fats and carbohydrates turn to absorbable nutrients and indigestible residues. Certain enzymes, such as L-glutathione, are effective antioxidants that can prevent damage to body cells by detecting and harmonizing free radicals. Enzymes are protein structures that can be used to lower the effects of leeway, thus lowering the reaction threshold in order to make more from nutrition.

Combined fibres

It consists of acacia fibers, pectins, apple fibers and wheatgrass from micronised wheat seeds. It contains 12 amino acids and 16 enzymes. These natural fibers support good digestion. The added green tea extract contains important antioxidants for a better boost of free radicals. HappyGreens barley grass is an excellent addition to daily food and best suited for a diet. In the whole complex of this barley grass mixture, your body is supplied with green fiber.

acerola to cinc

Of all fruits, Acerola contains the highest vitamin C content, with up to 80 times more than one orange. Vitamin C can strengthen resistance in the immune system. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It ensures healthy cells and blood vessels. It also plays an important role in the health of teeth, gums, skin and bones. This A-Z list can be expanded. The entire composition contains the most demanded health benefits with the difference that these taste really, in perfect synergy.


The natural amino acid & policosanol complex acts broadly on serotonin levels - with tryptophan, on the cholesterol level - with L-lysine or on cardiac circulation - with arginine. Cascading metabolic protein patterns ensure that carbohydrates are metabolized according to the "low carb" principle and thus less oxidation residues cause acidosis. Basically supplied and sublingal via the oral mucus, the body can absorb more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the diet. That makes a feeling happier.

13:1-barleyextract + NADH (vitamin B3)+arginine+ tryptophane ++

If you look at the nutritional details from the eye of a nutrition expert, you quickly realize that with HappyGreens neither magnesium stearates or other additives or empty calories are needed to offer a completely conclusive formula. Supported by a 13: 1 barley grass extract from cold pressing, which is 13 times more concentrate than conventional barley grass. For example, energy-booster coenzyme 1 NADH (vitamin B3) is contained in the protein spectrum as well as tryptophan with 5-HTP as a precursor - in the morning for serotonin, and in the evening for melatonin. Not to forget: Arginine to better blood circulation ...

Zutatenliste: Nahrungsergänzung aus organischem  13:1 Gerstengrasextrakt 4300 mg · Fruits & Greens® 1140 mg {Hochkonzentrierter 1:100-Extrakt  aus Bioflavonoiden, Antioxidantien, Mineralien, gewonnen aus konzentriertem, Extrakt aus Trauben, Heidel-, Erd-, Wald- & Himbeere, Ananas, Apfel, Pfirsich, Aprikose, Zitrusfrucht, Cereal-Komplex aus Gerste, Roggen und Weizen, Brokkoli, Kohl, Bohnen, Blumenkohl und Spinat, Tomaten, Rosmarin, Sellerie und Karotten} · Chlorella 300 mg · mit 30 mg Chlorophyll/g · Spirulina 700 mg · Natürl. Multivitaminquelle mit über 50 essent. Nährstoffen · Enzymkomplex 40 mg · Natürliche Enzyme und Aktivatoren der Bioverfügbar-keit {aus Reis, Amylase, Lactase, Lipase, Cellulase} Faserkomplex 1900 g {aus löslichen & unlöslichen Fasern/Apfelfasern, Apfelpektin, mikronisiertem Weizen, Sprossen, Weizenkeime und Acabafasern} Lactosespore® {1,49 Mrd. 90 mg spezielle magensäurerestistente Lactobacillus-Kultur} Policosanolkomplex 30 mg {Hexacosanol, Octacosanol, Triacontanol, Tetracosanol, Steviolglycoside} Acerola-Extrakt 150 mg {mit 50% natür-lichem Vitamin C} Grüntee-Extrakt 80 mg {mit mind. 40% Katechinen} · Natürliche Aromen und Frucht-Extrakte 240 mg

Protein/Aminosäureprofil / 100 g

Arginin                            0.301 g
Tryptophan                  0.101 g
Tyrosin                           0.210 g
Asparaginsäure         0.266 g
Cystin                             0.042 g
Glutamin                       0.528 g
Glycin                             0.224 g
Histidin                         0.070 g
Isoleucin                       0.245 g 
Leucin                            0.294 g
Lysine                            0.311 g
Methionin                  0.098 g
Phenylalanin            0.196 g
Prolin                            0.189 g
Serin                              0.224 g
Threonin                     0.164 g
Alanin                           0.329 g
Valin                              0.175 g

Vitamine & Mineralien

                             Per 100 g                     Per 10 g serving
                                                            % RI                                       % RI
Vitamin C     571.29 mg 714.12      57.129 mg   71.41
Vitamin B1      0.592 mg 53.82             0.059 mg   5.38
Vitamin B2      1.168 mg 83.43             0.116 mg   8.34
Vitamin B3      2.967 mg 18.54             0.296 mg   1.85
Vitamin B6      0.629 mg 44.97             0.062 mg    4.49r
Vitamin B12      0.56 µg 22.40                 0.056 µg   2.24
Mineralstoffe im Gerstengras: Calcium , Eisen,  Kupfer, Magnesium,  Phosphor, Schwefel, Selen, Silizium und Zink


                             Per 100 g                      Per 10 g          % RI
Energy (kJ) 1077.478 kJ               107.747 kJ
Energy (kcal) 259.035 kcal            25.903 kcal 1.29
Fat                     3.061 g                              0.306 g            0.43
Saturated fatty acids 0.145 g       0.014 g            0.07
Carbohydrates 17.577 g                    1.75 g            0.65
Fiber                           39.686 g                3.968 g
Protein*                   19.699 g                1.969 g            3.93

We are working on translations with help of: http://thrivethemes.com In short: Happygreens is like a parfum from inside made by special highly concentrated extracts. Our translation until now:

HappyGreens is a power plant with taste, a delicious product to make you happy. This synergetic effect, when several cooperative substances combine with the main agent, is well known from various “Nutrimental”-products. It represents a unique type of nutritional product. Taken with water the highly effective and bio-available agents are directly absorbed by the mucous membrane thus providing your body quickly with the most valuable nutrients. Also added is tryptophane from natural sources, which increases the body´s serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain, that brings about a good, positive, active mood, and if missing, leads to depression.

It makes a lot of sense to make good use of nutritional additives that improve your mood. This recipe is quite something! You feel the unique taste of a multitude of amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that activate the tryptophane – a must to try! Simply stir it into water, juice or milk. A healthy alternative to chocolate with a happiness effect! HappyGreens, the power powder grown 100% biologically, is simple and quick to prepare and a delicious treat with a refreshing fruity taste.

Content per glass: 300g
The special glass is made and based on the principle that the molecular structure of a substance is permanently energized and revitalised.

To order ask for a coupon: on http://www.nutrimental.eu/en/translation-2185/vitalization/Happygreens–for–a–better–mood–and–happier–you.html



Vorteile für Nase, Kollagen und Schleimhaut

    • Auch für Vegetarier geeignet – wirkt sich positiv auf den Körpergeruch aus
    • Erhöhtes Energieniveau in den Muskeln – besseres Libido-Schlaf-Verhältnis
    • Erholung des Säure-/Basengleichgewichts – neutralisiert pH-Wert
    • Weniger stoffwechselbedingte Alterserscheinungen – verbesserte Mobilität
    • Harmonisiert Cholesterin- und Serotoninspiegel – reinigt von innen
    • Verbesserung der Verdauung – bei Verstopfung oder Blähungen
    • Angenehmes Kuss- und  Körpergefühl – auch für Mitmenschen
    • begegnet Heißhunger-Attacken - mit Geschmack

Für wen eignet sich HappyGreens´ Superfood?


In der Familie kennt man es: Kinder mögen morgens oft nichts essen, und wenn dann nur Zucker. HappyGreens ist die Lösung. Auch Eltern mögen die großartige Formel als ein Frühstück, das gesund ist UND schmeckt. Eine intelligentere Kombi gibt es nicht.


Wer kopf- oder körpermäßig arbeitet, braucht Aminosäuren, HappyGreens erfüllt sie.  Ob Student oder Bodybuilder, es geht stehts darum mehr Aminosäuren als Kohlenhydrate zuzuführen.  HappyGreens macht dies rein pflanzlich!


Mit dem Alter steigt die Erfahrung auch bei Nahrungsergänzung. Viele essen sie, weil sie müssen, aber nicht, weil sie wollen. HappyGreens überdauert kurzfristige Kaufimpulse.

Begeisterte Kunden berichten über die Wirkung von HappyGreens

Warum diese Nahrungsergänzung mit Bio-Gerstengras-Extrakt lecker glücklich macht?

Janina Z. aus Ludmannsburg

Nachdem ich sehr viele  teure Vital-Pulver in Kapseln  einnahm, wollte ich direkt. das Pulver. HappyGreens lässt sich sogar ohne Shaker ganz leicht durchrühren ohne zu verklumpen. Dazu schmeckt es unbeschreiblich wie Heidelbeere, Trüffel oder Krimsekt. Naschen am Nachmittag und Wunschgewicht halten, ist nun mit HappyGreens eine Einheit.

Familie W. aus Berlin

Happygreens macht uns happy, ist besser als jeder Smoothie aus dem Supermarkt dazu noch günstiger. Soviel Früchte, ohne Schneiden und Schnibbeln. Das spart Zeit, Küche bleibt sauber, weniger Stress, selbst im Schlafzimmer. So sind wir begeisterte Fans seit 6 Monaten. Die anregende Wirkung hat uns überzeugt, das Produkt im Abonnement zu bestellen.

Günther B. aus Erfurt

Ich trinke diesen proteinreichen Stimmungsaufheller mit Vitaminen und allem, was man so braucht, seit 4 Monaten morgens.  Ich fühle mich deutlich fitter und meine Stimmung und der Anteil fettarmer Körpermasse hat sich seitdem auch verbessert. Ich verschenke HappyGreens sogar statt Blumen.  Ich gebe es in Apfelsaft oder Milch. Köstlich und gesund. Perfekt!

Holger N. aus München

Ich nutze Happygreens abends als pflanzlichen Bodybuildingshake, weil er keine Blähungen macht, wie übliche tierische Eiweiße; von Pulvern aus teuren Kapseln ganz zu schweigen. Der Kick ist fühlbar, mundet selbst meiner Freundin. Nicht zu vergessen, andere schmecken nur spinatig, Happygreens hingegen edel und macht Lust auf Sport und mehr.

Gutes spricht sich einfach herum. Wenn Sie HappyGreens lieben, dann fordern Sie unsere kostenfreien Geschmacksproben mit Gutschein an.  Und, wenn Sie sich noch „verkapseln“, ob eine Nahrungsergänzung wirklich schmecken kann,  bleiben Sie in Kontakt mit uns über unsere Facebook-Fanpage.

Bestellen auch Sie Ihr HappyGreens-Paket! 



1 Portion

9 g Extrakt

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3 €

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33 Portionen

300 g Extrakt

  • mit Gutschein  günstiger
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  • für 6 Liter Smoothie

62 €

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111 Portionen

1000 g  Extrakt

  • für Fans oder Familien
  • für Preisbewusste
  • für Genießer

180 €

auf pyrolet.eu

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