About us

The most green by Nutrimental, Pyrolet und greens.tel

You might read, "we are  the best". But HappyGreens really does offer the happiest and greenest products.


HappyGreens is Nutrimental's leading product. It contains our unique Serosynin extract - a serotonin formula combining tryptophan, vitamin B3 and NADH Coenzyme 1. Feel happy! You can taste the goodness in HappyGreens straight away and even feel the effect on your body odour.


The Pyrolet jewellery line, whose inventor passed away in Düsseldorf in 2019, takes our HappyGreens website to a new level, combining beauty as a concept for inside and outside. That is our extended vision.


The environment is also very important for us. So customers can always call us via greens.tel, which is a website for environmentally friendly devices. Parents can set an example for their children to be more sensitive to the environment by not settling for the latest devices.